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Endodontics (devitalization, abscess and granuloma)


Endodontics is mainly reduced to endodontic treatment (better known as devitalization). Through it, the pulp tissue is removed, both at the level of the crown and at the root level, and the removed tissue is replaced with a permanent filling. It is generally performed following a deep caries, and the resulting bacterial contamination, or after a trauma, the pulp becomes inflamed and infected.

Acute or chronic inflammation can sometimes spread outside the root apex and spread to the surrounding bone, causing lesions called abscesses or granulomas.

Obviously in some cases, the practice of devitalization is indispensable and the dentist cannot help but implement it. But sometimes it can be carried out with excessive lightness, without taking into consideration the possible negative effects.

In fact, the devitalization will determine the permanence of a dead tissue inside a living organism. Furthermore, in devitalized teeth, despite disinfectant washing and the use of high quality materials, bacteria, fungi or toxins may remain. These, through the dental roots, can continue to be poured into the bloodstream or nerve fibers, also undermining the patient's health after some time.

For some years now, the use of bioceramic materials with high biocompatibility, also demonstrated in the course of numerous clinical and laboratory studies, has been of significant interest. Biocompatibility is not limited to greater tolerance by the body, but is also distinguished by its effectiveness in sealing, adhesion, solubility and antibacterial effects.

Bioceramics include alumina, zirconia, hydroxyapatite, calcium phosphate, bioglasses and glass ceramics. They can be classified as inert or bioactive. Finally, the latter can be further distinguished between degradable and non-degradable. This makes it more comprehensible how vast the world of the most biocompatible materials is and how indispensable is a skill based on the experience of the professional who has long chosen to operate through the use of these materials only.

The goal of Bio Endodontics therefore, is not to create alarmism on the subject devitalizations, which as we have pointed out previously are sometimes inevitable. But to explain the reasons that push our structure to evaluate even more thoroughly when to intervene or not with this type of therapy and which possible complementary treatments to implement to further reduce the risks.


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Devitalizzazione mono-canalare: €250,00

Devitalizzazione bi-canalare: €270,00

Devitalizzazione tri-canalare: €300,00

Rimozione perno endocan. e sostituz. con perno in fibra di vetro o carbonio (a dente): €300,00

Trattamento mono, bi e tri-canalare (a dente): €230,00