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It's the back pain felt in the low back area, it can be located in the center or in the side and it's usually due to different degrees of spine compression (crushing, protrusions, hernias) or muscle contraction.

Often the pain goes away after a relaxing massage on the stiff muscle area.

Most recurring symptoms

  • Pain located in the central or lateral lumbar area
  • Sciatica
  • Gluteus pain
  • Groin pain

What has to be addressed in this cases is the standing and seated posture in order to align the spine and relax the muscles.

Orthotics can help relieving muscle pain, align the spine and the pelvis, when walking, seated and practising sports.


Most recurring causes

The most recurring cause of the symptoms listed above is an  imbalanced POSTURE.

Other causes:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • working upright
  • playing sport
  • being overweight

From a skeleton viewpoint, the pelvis position is never correct, it is always imbalanced or rotated, both standing and seated.

This implies an excessive pressure on the spine and the muscles, mostly when seated and  this with time will cause pain.