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Medium K Diet (up to 25 Kg)


It’s a fast weight loss diet for those who need to loose from 13 to to 25 kg. Rapid weight loss is achieved, without experimenting hunger and the side effects of sagging skin or other physical problems.

It is not the common very low calorie diet, it is a weight loss program intended to improve metabolism and restore the body’s ability to burn his own fat, with the help of a specific diet and  a small wearable device that interacts with the body stimulating it safely with no side effects.

It has been observed that  when people do  this program, the body detoxifies, compulsive food intake and binge eating decrease and the body demands a healthier way of eating. In the majority of cases, it has been observed that those who have followed the weight loss program mostly were not hungry and felt a big increase in energy despite of food restrictions.



From a technical point of view this diet could be defined  as a re-education of the body’s natural metabolic abilities, helping it better assimilate food, without drastically forcing it lose excessive weight.

The diet program doesn’t involve any use of drug or appetite suppressant supplement.



The diet won’t have the patient deprive himself too much.

The diet is based on the consumption of: lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.

From  the second phase on, all other kind of foods will be gradually re-introduced with some simple directions in order to maintain the results achieved.

The patients who followed the diet  reported not being hungry and noted an increase in energy.



Patients reported that their skin didn’t sag, as it usually occurs during other diets that give the same results.

In addition to this, the program has been studied to shape the body and burn fat in the specific critical, unwanted areas as well.



After the fifth  phase,  patients follow a specific dieting program for 4 weeks, where they can eat everything, but only for an established number of meals per week. After these 4 weeks, they come back to the Center for the final check-up visit. If, as we usually observed on thousands of cases, the result of the final check is positive, the patient will be able to start following the weight maintenance rules in order to keep it stable in time.


If the patient carefully follows the directions, the program lasts 5 months, In case of “cheats” times might be longer.

The program is divided into 6 phases, it includes a medical visit before starting, 5 check-up visits and six devices. Throughout the first phases, the patient will loose the majority of the excessive weight and in the final phase, the weight is stabilized through a certain number of normal meals per week.

  1. Before starting the diet: blood and urine tests have to be carried out. We can forward the list of the tests needed.
  2. Medical visit: The person is weighted and a check is done through specific body indexes.
  3. The Doctor interviews the patient  in order to establish food guidelines.
  4. Based on the results of the visit and the interview, the Doctor modifies and adapts  the diet.
  5. The Doctor explains the patient how to follow the diet step by step, making sure the patient understands.
  6. The Doctor gives the diet to the patient (including annexes with further explanations to ease the accomplishment of the diet), supplement prescription and the device loaded with the frequencies.
  7. The phases of the diet are scheduled (when to start and when to come for the check-up).
  8. In between  the check-up visits, the patient has to keep in touch  with the Center by e-mail or by phone, to answer some routine questions, in order to help the Doctor monitor the program and promptly intervene if needed.
  9. For any doubt or necessity, the patient can contact the Center from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm and our dedicated office will be glad to answer any questions in short times. You can contact our assistance office throughout the program by e-mailing at:  servizitecnici@biomediccenter.com.