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Oral surgery (extraction, disinclusion, grafting)

Oral surgery

The surgical interventions are carried out under local anesthesia such as for example a dental extraction, including roots and teeth, or the removal of small cysts and benign neoformations, even of soft tissues.

The surgical act still represents a violation of the body to correct a pathological situation. With a view to a "biological" approach to the patient, it is therefore essential that surgery is as respectful as possible.

Furthermore, too often the patient is subjected to radiographic examinations, whereas an objective examination could have avoided subjecting the patient to radiation. For example, before an extraction, obviously the radiographic investigation is vital and the X-rays must be done, but all possible precautions must be taken, including protections for the patient (in particular eyes, thyroid, gonads). At our facility there is the use of radiographic systems with digitalized image intake, which allow the use of very low radiation doses.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The extraction of the included wisdom teeth may require a more or less invasive intervention depending on the position of the tooth and its relationship with the surrounding anatomical structures. In many cases the third molar assumes a position very similar to that of the other molars, and its extraction does not present difficulties.

When it comes to "included teeth", however, particularly when wisdom teeth are in horizontal bone inclusion and perpendicular to the axis of the contiguous tooth, their extraction requires a surgical approach with a specific extraction technique and expert hands.


Disinclusion of Canines or other Elements

It happens relatively often that the canines or other elements (mostly premolars), cannot find the correct spaces to reach their natural site and remain more or less deeply included in the bone.

In such cases, in association with a correct Orthodontic therapy, a surgical procedure is performed through which any obstacles are removed and these elements are connected to the Orthodontic equipment in order to bring them to their ideal position.


Gingival grafts

They allow to reduce or eliminate the damages and functional deficits, but also the imperfections, caused by the gingival recession that "denudes" the root of the tooth with effects of increased risk of loss of the tooth, dental sensitivity and aesthetic of the smile compromised.

This surgical procedure is characterized by the opening of a flap and is aimed at obtaining a correct anatomy of the soft tissues adjacent to the dental elements.


Gingival Smile Management

It happens quite frequently that, due to a set of factors, the teeth cannot completely come out of the lining mucous membranes and therefore the teeth are apparently short, broad and stocky and the patient exposes the gums very much when he smiles.

An accurate clinical analysis associated with a correct evaluation of the dentist allows you to perform a patient's soft tissue redefinition with a certain predictability of the result, giving him a balanced and natural smile.


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Estrazione Semplice (a dente): €230,00

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