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Integrated Gnathology (malocclusion, bruxism, dizziness)

Integrated Gnathology

Malocclusion is only one of the aspects that Gnathology deals with, in fact it intervenes on the functions of chewing, joint and muscle.

Recent studies have shown that contact between the teeth is often the cause of symptoms such as headache, pain in the spine (structure with the function of supporting the head and trunk as well as protecting the spinal cord), paresthesias and muscle contractures.

Furthermore, an incorrect swallowing of the tongue-jaw system is at the origin of pathologies that may seem to be the responsibility of otorhinolaryngology: recurrent otitis in children, tinnitus, pain, itching or a sense of corking in the ears, dizziness, night snoring up to apneas.

In fact, at our facility, in order to identify any situations of malocclusion, we often offer a free consultation of the study of the function of dental occlusion, of the temporomandibular joint, of swallowing, to patients under treatment at the Physiotherapy section, at purpose of providing a complementary service to the patient. Through this approach, he can obtain greater clarity on the real causes of his own ailments as well as having the possibility of an integrated path through specialist professionals accustomed to teamwork and coordination for the patient's sake.

The Dentist can intervene in support of Physiotherapy or vice versa, for example by carrying out selective grinding (grinding of the teeth which result in incorrect contact creating a malocclusion), or through various types of bite (masks useful to avoid contact between the two arches, for the protection of teeth or to help muscle relaxation) and through other more specific services including the creation of anti-snoring devices.

A broader definition could be Postural Gnathology, also called "orthoposturodontics". It increases the importance of lingual function, lung respiration, cranio-sacral respiration, swallowing, with the muscles connected to it (directly connected with: jaw, temporal bones of the skull, handlebars of the sternal bone, clavicles, first ribs thoracic, shoulder blades, cervical vertebrae). From these areas of interest related to Postural Gnathology, it is easy to understand how the stomatognathic apparatus participates in the global posture of the human being.


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