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Dental Hygiene and Bio Aesthetics (hygiene, whitening and reconstruction)

Hygiene and Tartar Ablation


Oral hygiene and tartar ablation carried out after about six months, as well as having a strong aesthetic component, help to keep the oral cavity healthy over time. In addition, these regular sessions allow the dentist to evaluate any changes in the state of health of the patient's mouth, allowing him to intervene in time if necessary, avoiding worse damage that would have required more invasive and expensive interventions if not identified in time.

Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a dental discipline dedicated to the treatment and improvement of the smile, through the care of teeth, bone structure, gums and lips.

For a better aesthetic result, specialized treatments are performed that guarantee completely natural results, appropriate to the patient's age and needs.

The passage of time, any trauma, external agents (such as smoke, wine, coffee) can compromise the beauty of the smile, causing stains or yellowing of the enamel. Just to restore the original dental aesthetics, professional and effective solutions are prepared, such as cold light whitening (not aggressive for the tooth enamel, allows to whiten the teeth in one / two tones) or when appropriate, the aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth .

This is the most used technique in the case of partial tooth fracture. It involves the application of a soft and moldable material where the tooth is no longer there. Dentistry, then, "carves" it up to give it its original shape and hardens it using a special crystallizing light. The reconstructed tooth will resemble the original in color and consistency.


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Igiene Orale e Ablazione del Tartaro due arcate:€ 150

Igiene Orale e Ablazione del Tartaro due arcate denti di latte:€ 100

Sbiancamento superiore e inferiore:€ 250

Applicazione Brillantino:€ 100