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Conservative Dentistry (caries, enamel and dental reconstruction)

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry mainly deals with the treatment of caries, from elimination procedures to those of closing cavities, using special materials. However, it also ranges in congenital lesions, such as the lack of enamel, as well as in lesions caused by bacteria on the dental surface.

We also deal with tooth reconstruction in the event of trauma breakage, as well as sealing the dental grooves in children, but also in adulthood, in order to prevent the appearance of caries over time.

The main objective is to conserve as much of the natural tooth as possible and the biological saving of this approach often makes it possible to postpone more complex interventions of conventional prostheses for many years.


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Otturazione Estetica: da € 100 a € 150

Otturazione Estetica con incappucciamento incluso:  € 230

Ricostruzione del dente: € 120

Sigillatura dei Solchi Dentali: € 100

Most common symptoms

The main symptoms of caries are:

  • halitosis, or stinking breath
  • recurrent mouth infections


Most common causes

The main causes of caries are:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Excessive consumption of sugars
  • Saliva quantity and quality, for example in viscosity or in PH
  • Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes tasteless, Sjögren's Syndrome and Sarcoidosis, favor caries precisely because they reduce the amount of saliva
  • Strong interdental grooves that increase the possibility of food stagnation
  • Low levels of mineralization of the teeth (as well as lack of vitamins and minerals in general)
  • Retired gums that predispose you to the problem


Related Risks

The main caries-related risks are:

  • Dental malocclusion (incorrect chewing)
  • Possible poor digestion or digestive tract disorders
  • Increased susceptibility to kidney disease
  • Increased risk of joint rheumatism
  • Possible inflammation of the tonsils



The caries that infiltrates tooth enamel can be eliminated with traditional high-speed rotating instruments, painlessly, with the use of local anesthetics.

Therefore prevention through the correct use of the toothbrush and recommended toothpaste is very important, after the main meals (within 20 min.) And absolutely before going to sleep in the evening. By quickly eliminating food deposits, bacterial plaque formation can be combated.

The toothbrush should be changed approximately every three months or at least when the bristles have lost their original shape.

The six-monthly prevention program is a total prevention system based on hygiene education with information and practical training, cleaning, sealing of the furrows and caries control, essential in anticipating the most serious injuries.