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Biocompatible orthodontics (fixed, mobile, invisible device)

Biocompatible orthodontics

Biocompatible Orthodontics, although it appears as an innovative approach, has ancient roots, in fact it highlights the balance between the mouth and the whole organism.

The therapeutic tools allow us to work on the dysfunctions of the mouth in order to restore a global balance of the patient, so the mouth regains its shape in the three dimensions of space and the right-left symmetry and significant improvements can be observed both physically but also on the postural level.

In fact, our orthodontist works closely with our physiotherapist so that the patient can receive an integrated medicine service that examines the best personalized approach, which can bring the greatest benefit to the whole structure and not just a balance of the mouth.

Our structure has chosen in the Orthodontics sector not to use any metal inside the mouth, within the limits of the possibilities of finding the components and the patient's technical and specific needs, therefore this approach, in addition to being suitable for anyone , it is even more so for those who need a nickel free therapy due to allergic problems.

Orthodontics has no contraindications and above all has no age limit. In fact, although the ideal was to intervene in children or adolescents, it is still possible to intervene in adulthood, working "gently" on the functions and naturally obtaining the alignment of the teeth and the necessary balance for one's mouth

It is recommended to make a first visit starting from 3 years, that is when the eruption process of all the milk teeth has been completed and the nasal breathing, adult swallowing and chewing patterns begin to be established, which will then represent the " standard "of the adult patient.

It is also important to know that back pain, neck pain, scoliotic attitudes can be related to unbalanced chewing. Also pains in the neck, shoulders, spine, upper and lower limbs, sinusitis, asthma, allergies, rashes, psoriasis, gastrointestinal disorders, mental disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue, hearing problems, vision problems, snoring, tonsillitis and enlarged adenoids, often have their root cause in dental malocclusion. For this reason it is important to take care of your occlusion in time and in any case monitor it over time to intercept any imbalances and intervene in advance with Orthodontics.


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Piano di trattamento (impronte studio, foto e visione panoramica): €200,00

Successive visite di controllo semestrali (a seduta): €80,00

Ortodonzia intercettiva e funzionale (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €500,00/€200,00

Ortodonzia intercettiva e combinata (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €500,00/€300,00

Ortodonzia fissa in acciaio una arcata (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €500,00/€200,00

Ortodonzia fissa in acciaio due arcate (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €800,00/€200,00

Ortodonzia fissa con att. estetico una arcata (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €650,00/€200,00

Ortodonzia fissa con att. estetico due arcate (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €1.000,00/€200,00

Ortodonzia linguale “social six” (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €350,00/€100,00

Invisalign Lite una arcata (compresa contenz.) (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €1.050,00/€150,00

Invisalign Lite due arcate (compresa contenz.) (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €1.400,00/€200,00

Invisalign Full (compresa contenz.) (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €2.050,00/€150,00

Ortodonzia con mascherine estetiche Italy (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €1.050,00/€150,00

Splintaggio con arco nichel free (ad arcata):  €150,00

Mantenitore di spazio ad arcata (a seduta): €300,00

Trattamento con apparecchi miofunzionali (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €160,00/€100,00

Trattamento deglutizione atipica con ELN (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive:  €250,00/€100,00

Up-righting molare (a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €400,00/€100,00

Trattamento prechirurgico(a seduta) 1° seduta/successive: €800,00/€200,00

Bite di contenzione: €310,00