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Biocompatible Implantology (dental implant, tooth replacement)

biocompatible implantology

The dental implant aims to replace the missing teeth with artificial titanium posts. The loss of a dental element causes the reduction of the chewing function which in turn influences the functions of the underlying maxillary bone, slowly causing a loss of mass and density. For this reason, it is important to replace the missing element as soon as possible.

Before inserting the definitive element of the implant, the dentist often places an element called "temporary", which, due to the materials of which it is made, it is preferable that it does not remain inside the patient's mouth, more than four weeks, after which time, the materials of the temporary element can, by combining with saliva, begin to alter.

The causes of the loss of the dental elements can be different: diseases of the oral cavity, caries and parodental disease (commonly called pyorrhea) and contact trauma.

In case of loss of a tooth, the patient and the dentist must decide together which method may be most appropriate for its replacement, in fact the implant is not always appropriate. To be taken into consideration as fundamental factors are the age and general health of the patient.

Bio implantology is an implantology respectful to the maximum degree of the biological entity to which it is applied, both as a whole, and specifically to the parts involved, such as bone, mucous membrane, nerve endings, blood vessels, muscle fibers etc. This makes it a minimally invasive surgical technique whenever possible, respectful of the structures to which it is applied, sensible and safe, which holistically considers the patient in its biological entirety.

Safety does not always mean guaranteed success, but it means that, even in the event of failure, the biological "cost" for the patient will be minimal from a traumatological and compromising point of view of the structure.

With the aim of intervening in the most biological approach possible, great attention is paid to the choice of materials used, often also with the help of customized tests that can highlight any biocompatibility on the part of the patient, maximizing personalization of the choice of implants.

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