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Biocompatible Dentistry


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Biological Dentistry operates through the concept that teeth are an integral part of the organism and can affect a person’s health and be the cause of different diseases.

It’s a holistic approach that takes into consideration not only the patient’s mouth, but the body as a whole. Specific attention is paid  to the biocompatibility of the materials used.

This type of Dentistry aims at constructively revisiting the concepts belonging to Traditional Dentistry bringing the standards to new levels of long term benefit for the patient.

Some of the characteristics of our approach are: the choice of biocompatible materials, amalgam filling removal using the correct safety procedures and avoiding, as much as possible, the presence of toxic metals in the mouth, as well as investigating the potential connections between root canals and health.

Through the first general check-up visit, our dentist will be able to draw up a personalized plan using  the best solutions in the therapeutic field.


Dental Check Up with preventive drafting and detailed work plan: € 150

Orthopantomography: € 50


Usually, amalgam fillings are composed half part of different metals and half of mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxic substance that can cause a multitude of diseases through its release and absorption in the mouth.

 For this reason, it is important to adopt a specific protocol in order to preserve the patient’s health.

In fact, during the extraction, mercury vapors, which are harmful, can even represent a higher level of intoxication for the patient and for the Doctor.

In Biological Dentistry, materials with highly superior  aesthetic and biocompatible characteristics are available, which guarantee a better alternative than amalgam, both from an aesthetic and non-toxic point of view and these are the only materials selected and used in our Center.



In Dentistry dozens of metals pieces are used for dental prostheses: capsules, pins, skeletons, screws, attachments, etc. We choose to only use metal-free materials for prostheses, as it is known that two or more metals in contact with each other through a conducting fluid, in this case the saliva, cause oxidation, corrosion, release of metal ions and electrogalvanic currents. Over time this can have negative effects on the health or well-being of the patient.

This choice is even more suitable in allergic or intolerant subjects or those with immune imbalances in general. We believe that it is generally the best choice to minimize the risks for our patients.

For Fixed dental prostheses, high-strength biocomposites are used such as:

  • Polycarbonates and polymers
  • Lithium disilicate
  • zirconium
  • Ceramics
  • For Mobile Dentures instead:
  • Hypoallergenic resins
  • Composites
  • Elastic prostheses

always respecting the highest principles of biocompatibility.



Orthodontics (branch of Dentistry dealing with aesthetical and functional correction of maxillary malformations and anomalies in teeth position), highly evolved in the last years. More and more frequently, orthodontic treatments use removable aesthetic masks, made of biocompatible and transparent material.

This choice, already makes these treatments metal and nickel-free. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to use these materials and sometimes it is necessary to intervene with traditional metal braces. In these cases, we will do our best to find as many metal-free elements as possible, compatibly with what is offered by the orthodontic components  market, in order to minimize the toxic load  in the patient’s mouth.

In addition to that, in case of sensitivity to these kind of metals, we can provide specialised complementary treatments with no side effects, in order to lower the reactions due to nickel and other metals, as well as the toxic load.



A root canal is done when the cavity is too deep to be treated with a simple filling or when the tooth has already lost its vitality (necrosis), or in case of trauma affecting the pulp. In all these cases, the entire pulp of the tooth chamber and the roots are removed and after a proper cleaning the tooth is closed with an specific concrete.

Obviously, in some cases, this procedure is necessary and the dentist must do it, but sometimes it can be improperly or carelessly done, without taking in consideration the possible negative effects. In fact this procedure will in any case lead to the presence of dead tissue whithin the living organism and although the multiple cleansing and the utilization of high quality materials, bacterias, fungus or toxins can persist and continue to be poured into the bloodstream and into the nerve fiber, through dental roots, impacting the patient’s health even years later.

The purpose is not to create alarmism on the subject of root canals that, as we said before, are sometimes necessary, but to explain the reason that pushes our structure to assess even more throughly, when to intervene or not with this type of procedure.



We often think at mouth health only in terms of chewing and digestion, ignoring the close connection existing with the rest of the body.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, every tooth corresponds to a meridian (energy canals similar to blood vessels and arteries that flow in the organism) involving specific organs. This connection flows in both directions, so an aching tooth can be a symptom of an existing  imbalance in the organism or inversely, an imbalance can be caused by an sick tooth. Sometimes people feel pain where a tooth was pulled in the past, this can come from the fact that the organ the tooth was connected to, could already be the cause of the tooth distress at the time, weakening the tooth that consequently had to be extracted. Our Center takes care of this aspect and can perform in-depth analysis on these connections through specific Biophysical tests that can be carried out in our Center.


Through the medical visit, the Doctor will be able to recommend the most adapted therapies to address the problem with the help of specific conventional and Bio-physical Tests that can be carried out in our Center and recommend, if necessary, any complementary treatments  in order to support conventional therapies.

The main purpose is to achieve important improvements in the patient, helping him to rapidly and permanently overcome the problem.