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Orthotic Visit


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After extensive research in innovative high standard techniques, we work in collaboration with  technical experts with a thirty year experience in the field, who manufacture the orthotic based on specific customized directions.

Usually the visit is preceded by a postural evaluation checking feet support and any joint or spine misalignments caused by an incorrect foot support. Feet tend to have defects since the age of 2/3 years, the majority of people  have an imbalanced, incorrect and not uniform  foot support.

Feet  can be in pronation (turned inward) or in supination (turned outward) or one foot can be in pronation and the other in supination. These defects cause a misalignment of the ankle, the tibia, the knee, the thigh-bone, the hip, the pelvis, the spine, the chest, the shoulders, the face and the masticatory system.

During the visit  the footprint is taken with the help of a specific board, then a digital evaluation is done through a Barodometer postural sensor platform and finally a short video of  foot support and position is made, including the ankle and knee axis, the foot arch and foot movement when standing on one leg

Orthotic fabrication varies according to physique, sport activities, type of shoes usually worn. Datas are processed and the orthotic is manufactured and sent to the patient.

After 2 or 3 weeks of use, the orthotic is checked to observe the whole body balance and decide if any free of charge modifications have to be done by the specialist. The orthotic will be regularly checked and the needed modifications will be done until it becomes perfect in aligning the person’s posture.

Once the goal is reached, the orthotic will be checked only twice a year.

The orthotic is crush-proof, soft, resistant, washable and has a 4-year span.