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Breath Gymnastics (Spirotiger)

Breathing Gymnastics 

(5 sessions or more if needed, a minimum of one per month but also two sessions a day can be done with a break of 45' in between).

At Biomedic we use the SpiroTiger equipment in a specific way that stems from a thirty year experience in the Osteopathic Postural field and we are able to achieve quick and usually stable results.

SpiroTiger is the only system of breathing gymnastics that trains the respiratory muscles, helping with shortness of breath, without overloading the cardiovascular and musculoskeleton system. 

Everyone, from athletes to children and elderlies, can obtain a permanent improvement in fitness and quality of life.

To be able to let patients experiment the effectiveness of this technique, we offer a first free session, where the patient will be able to see an immediate and real improvement on himself.


Postural Treatment with SpiroTiger: € 40

Postural Treatment with SpiroTiger + Physiomassage: € 90

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Valutazione medica gratuita

Postural Rehabilitation

An incorrect posture can induce chronic back, cervical and joint pain, protrusions and herniated discs

The breathing gymnastic using SpiroTiger coordinates and strengthen all the back muscles, permanently improving spine stability

In a quite short period of time (5 to 8 sessions) the patient achieves a decrease in pain due to wrong posture and a better perception of his body and respiration.


Respiratory Training

It consists in an actual intense training improving respiratory capacity, therefore opening the rib cage and improving oxygenation and vascularization

It can also be helpful in post heart, thorax, pace maker surgery or any lung pathology.

An active training counteracts the slow physical decline that greatly damage the respiratory muscles of patients with lung pathologies.

It is recommended for all breathing distresses (shortness of breath, snoring, dyspnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma as a consequence to effort, mucovisidosis, cystic fibrosis) and also in neuro-muscular disease and paraplegia, rheumatic diseases, chronic cervical pain (for example whiplash injury)


Metabolic Fitness

The functional training of the respiratory capacity is very helpful in order to maintain health and fitness. It's also useful for active people who move a lot and it's also a valuable support in prevention of metabolic pathologies.

The Spirotiger training practice helps improve metabolism, weight loss therefore preventing metabolic syndrome.

On average, 5 minutes of SpiroTiger equals 30 minutes of running without straining the joints and the heart

The metabolic rate improvement occurs immediately and 1 or 2 minutes later so does the sweating, that is maintained for the whole exercise session or series.

Patients report a pleasant increase in internal body heat lasting all day long and this is a sign of increased metabolism

In addition to that, after the treatment, there is no physical fatigue as it can usually occurs after a 30/45 minute jogging or work-out, on the contrary there is an increase in physical energy.


Sport Performance

It is the right training to achieve successful and optimized sport performances. The recent resistance training techniques for respiratory muscles developed over a 10 year period with SpiroTiger, offers great benefits to athletes in order to  improve their performances and for injury recovery to be able to quickly go back to practice.

By integrating the use of SpiroTiger in the athlete's training plan, it is possible to train the following physical condition factors:  aerobic resistancespeediness and torso muscle mobility with a clear improvement in coordination.

By freeing the diaphragm, the rib cage and the physiological capacity of the lungs, the patients treated shows a clear reduction in shortness of breath and recovery times.