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Our Philosophy



  • With time, our Management Office reached the optimal balance between Technical staff (Doctors, naturopaths, technical professionals, staffs supporting agents and technical area assistants) and Administrative staff  ( management, administrative areas and public relations) , creating a balance of one administrative employee for every technical one. Although the costs of this choice are high, this decision allows our staff to take care of the patient in the best way possible, since they are supported by a well organized administrative team assisting the public in every step preceding and following the medical visit. The result of this kind of Center is clearly measurable by the satisfaction of our patients who have been turning to us for years, feeling heard , assisted and reassured.
  • The qualities characterizing our staff are expertise and professionalism, but also courtesy and humanity,  essentials when working in the Health field that requires a lot of  optimism and determination.
  • We schedule a staff meeting every week to discuss operating procedures in order to improve  them and to acknowledge, through statistics, the areas with the best results.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, although independently applied by the Specialist in charge of the patient, are always checked “behind the scenes” by other specialized colleagues with the goal of continuous improvement. This kind of activity is carried out in complete coordination and it requires a developed sense of humility, knowingness of one’s own limits and the will of  self-correction. This is a safeguarding  aspect for the patient, who, although  not perceiving its  daily functioning, does certainly observe the results .
  • The patient is always treated with clarity and transparency, both from a technical and administrative point of view. When the patient contacts us, we collect  the informations on his condition and ask for all the tests needed in order  to submit them to the technical team, who meets and establishes  the best way to take care of the patient and chooses  the most adapted specialists for the situation. Based on these deductions, an appointment is scheduled and through the visit and the in-depth diagnostics, a price and time estimate is given to the patient. If the patient decides to start, everything will be planned based on his necessities.
  • An honest interest in people motivates us to always seek for the most appropriate and effective solutions for all those “not easy cases”, this is what keeps us involved and dedicated, making us proud and fulfilled.