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About us


Biomedic is a private Multispecialized Medical Center, specialized in Biological and Biocompatible MedIcine, In our Center, Doctors and complementary MedIcine professionals work together with the purpose of offering Integrative MedIcine services. We believe in  Precise Personalized MedIcine, because we think that every individual  is different.

In our Center, we provide conventional and complementary medical services (also called natural because of the  lack of side effects), offering, check-ups and treatments with the purpose of safeguarding patient’s health.

We provide service through a mutually  trusted, responsible relationship. Our Doctors and technicians have an in-depth and long experience in different medical fields.

 When it’s possible to obtain positive results, without any risks  for the patient, we opt for natural remedies, but we also employ conventional therapies when necessary.

We think  there are no “alternative cures”, but one only MedIcine employing everything known to provide the patient  effective solutions with  fewer side effects.

We have a 30 year experience with more than 30.000 patients treated.

In the natural field, Biomedic employs widely proved protocols, with a scientific and empirical approach (based on experience, repetitiveness and results, not theory)

Particular attention is given to the reception, listening and communication with the patient.

Our team has been selected and trained to create an environment of attention, professionalism and courtesy, essentials when dealing with health problems.