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Prescription drug decrease

Scalaggio Farmacologico

Lo scalaggio farmacologico è un percorso di assistenza medica utilizzato per ridurre progressivamente il dosaggio di uno o più farmaci, sino eventualmente a sospenderne l'assunzione.


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Prescription drug decreasing is a medical assistance used to gradually reduce the dosage of one or more drugs, in order to completely stop them.

Some drugs, when taken for long periods of time, can cause physical and mental addiction and it can become very difficult and sometimes even impossible to decrease or stop taking them. In most cases these drugs were prescribed for short periods of time but the patient kept taking them and sometimes even increased the dosage. There are also cases where the gradual decrease of these drugs becomes a real necessity because of their side effects

Sometimes it can also happen that a drug taken for long periods of time becomes toxic to the body which simply cannot tolerate it anymore. 

In all these cases a detailed evaluation has to be done in order  to determine the exact schedule  and procedure  to decrease the drug and counterbalance any potential withdrawal symptoms.

Our  team is made of experts in handling this kind of situation and will follow you with professionalism, but  the willpower of the patient in obtaining the results will be fundamental.