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General Medicine


In the perspective to offer a Personalized and Precision Medicine, in our Center, Doctors and complementary MedIcine professionals work together with the purpose of offering Integrative MedIcine services. 

In our Center, we provide conventional and complementary medical services (also called natural because of the basically lack of side effects), offering, check-ups and treatments with the purpose of safeguarding patient’s health.

We provide service through a mutually  trusted, responsible relationship. Our Doctors and technicians have an in-depth and long experience in different medical fields.


Fill out the form and submit your situation as a preliminary step.

Our team will meet to evaluate your clinical case, taking into account also any exams already in your possession that will have to be attached

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General Medicine visit: € 150


We consider that the relationship between the patient and the doctor is very important and we put emphasis on making the patient feel comfortable.

During the first part of the visit, the doctor collects all the data (anamnesis) including the symtoms, information and feelings of the patient that can help the Doctor to make a diagnosis.

In the second part of the visit, the Doctor performs an unblased examination, that consists in observing the patient with the purpose of collecting information on his mobility (posture, stride, the way he sits and stands up, potential problems to undress) also laid down and any possible reflex mechanism used to alleviate overall or specific pain. In this phase the Doctors can also measure blood pressure and do an ECG.

The next phase is dedicated to the diagnosis and the explanation to the patient so he can understand the reasons of his ailments and can ask any questions he may have. If necessary, at the end of the visit, the Doctor will prescribe a therapy or any further conventional ( blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.) or complementary tests (bioresonance or biophysical ones that are part of complementary medecine). In each one of these phases the doctor will clearly inform the patient, encouraging him to follow the recommandations. The Doctor will be available to clear any doubt, through our patient's support office, link:servizitecnici@biomediccenter.com

In the therapeutic area we employ both pharmacological and natural remedies such as supplements, homeopathy, phytotherapy and biophysical and bioresonance treatments, without any exclusion, only based on their effectiveness and having the least possible side effects.



The medical practice has some similarities with the  job of a detective. The Doctor looks for signs and prove elements, the cause of ailments and diseases and then he prescribes the appropriate treatment.

However sometimes, even after having seen many doctors and specialists and done all the blood works needed,  it can happen that something is missing and the situation doesn't get solved.

Our team will be able to accurately examine the whole diagnostic and therapeutic history of the patient in order to identify what has not been detected or treated properly. In the most complex and uncertain cases, we will take some additional time to study the situation and consult, if necessary, other colleagues.



In addition to standard medical certificates,  we can write, on patient's request, a medical report on what has been found, the results of the tests that we carried out and any other detail that may help the patient and his doctor in the future. We can also write medical certificates for insurance refund purposes according to the insurance company request and the service delivered.

We can also make certificates for schools and companies, whenever the patient has to follow a particular diet.

Regarding the release of certification of data from the bioresonance and biophysical test, the doctor will decide what to certificate,  as these test results cannot be evaluated as conventional lab tests, therefore they could be misinterpreted through traditional evaluating systems and not be useful for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Video introduttivo alle teorie della Biorisonanza

Questo breve video, realizzato dal Biomedic Clinic&Research, descrive, nel modo più semplice possibile i fondamenti su cui si basano le teorie della Biorisonanza.