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Biophysical investigations and treatments


The bioresonance phenomena were discovered by the Danish scientist Huygenz in 1656. He found that two penduulum clocks placed near one another, after a while synchronise each other. There is nothing mystical in this, in fact everything is vibration and in Physics it is a fact that every atom has its own vibration, even those of our body. You can see an example of this  in the following video, that shows  the metronomes synchronization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n81XIZRyhQE.

There is a natural law governing the organic processes of every living being. These processes are first generated, and then controlled, by electromagnetic oscillations identifiable by their specific frequencies, intensities, durations, and wave formations.

Each living cell emits these oscillations, which repeat and travel at lighting speed, providing, in every split second, detailed information about the entire organism and its current condition. But they don't just tell us how the organism is doing, they also tell us what needs to be done in order to return it to its healthiest and most ideal state--not unlike the "feedback system" concept in the field of Information Technology.

These wave frequencies contain a multitude of data, which, as a whole, comprise the very specific and individual spectrum identifying each patient. Every day an organism enters in symbiosis with the frequencies it also receives from outer stimuli, and the details of these spectrums are an essential part of bioresonance, as well. Today, using highly specialized equipment, it is possible to locate ailments by a system of comparison: bioresonance can detect the oscillations of the patient and then compare them to the established healthy oscillations with which the body should be operating. These optimal healthy "standard" oscillations are classified and registered as part of a vast database to use as benchmarks for optimal health, and allow us to see where there are discrepancies with the patient's own. 

Bioresonance therapy uses the electromagnetic waves produced by the cells to treat imbalances in the body, inverting the disturbed frequencies in to their correct, harmonious form and then feeding them back to the body. This process is completely natural and without any type of side effect. An improvement of the biophysical condition of the organism will help it to attain a gradual normalization of its biochemical processes, thus supporting its overall health and healing.

Bioresonance in Italy is considered a non conventional therapy, and it is well known and practiced in Europe and in other countries by many medical doctors, naturopaths and professionals of wellness.


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cost of the services

Medical visit + biophysical test: € 300

Biophysical test of complex investigation: € 250

Biophysical test of thorough investigation: € 200

Biophysical test of complete check: € 150

Biophysical test of basic check: € 100

Biophysical test of short check: € 50

Long Biophysical Treatment: € 100

Medium Biophysical Treatment: € 70

Short Biophysical Treatment: € 50


Although Bioresonance is widely used, especially in Central and Northern Europe, the tests do not have definitive scientific validity as established by the international scientific community

However, our thirty-year clinical experience has shown us that this type of testing can be invaluable in many cases.The information obtained from a Biophysical Test cannot, in any way, replace conventional medical examinations and testing, but rather is to be considered from a biophysical standpoint. The results are not obtained with conventional laboratory testing.

The first test is carried out by a technician only after a full medical exam has been performed. The purpose of this first test is to identify the possible areas of trouble on which the doctor can focus his own medical analysis, to then evaluate potentially prescribing further conventional exams. Moreover, it is directed towards locating any correlation between the patient’s health complaints and the nutritional considerations, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicities resulting from anything the patient regularly consumes, and any other individual issues.

Based on the information collected from the first test, a program of treatments and further testing can be mapped out, with the objective of restoring balance to the organism for the issues at-hand. Continued testing during the course of treatments is necessary to monitor the progress and changes in the condition which the therapy is accomplishing, and modify it accordingly.

The test is done with the person seated on a chair beside the technician and in front of the bioresonance device. It can be carried out at any time and does not require undressing or any preparatory actions, such as fasting. It is important to bring with you to the test a sample of any dietary supplement, pharmaceutical drug, homeopathic product, phytotherapy treatment, etc., that you are regularly taking, so that the technician can verify with greater precision the exact effects these substances are having on the body.


This therapy can be considered as “ repairing medicine”, comparable to acupuncture or homeopathy, although much more personalized and precise, its main purpose is to stimulate the body, activating its own regulating system, bringing it back to balance. An example of how this  works can be observed in this  link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uENITui5_jU

Our body is mainly composed of water

Bioresonance treatments use  the patient’s own oscillations (electromagnetic frequencies) generated by his  cells,  encouraging the body to self-regulate and restore its balance.

During the session, the patient lays down on a small bed, he can keep his clothes on and take off his shoes for more confort. Many patients fall asleep during the treatments reporting feeling  very relaxed, The session can last between 30 to 60 minutes. It is possible to do more than one daily therapy  with a maximum of three per day. This speeds up the program and allows the patient  to attain faster  benefits , enabling  those  coming from other countries to do the program more intensively,  wasting less time and reaching better results.

Every treatment session is programmed based on the results of a Bioresonance check test  carried out right before, to measure the up-dated values compared to the treatments reference guidelines. The treatment is finished when the specific values of the frequencies disturbances treated come down to 0. This value means that the body still has the “memory” of the disturbance, but it is no more affecting him in a negative way. For example in the case of food intolerances, causing a multitude of unpleasant symptoms to the patient, they are detoxified starting from a value of 8 and  treatment by treatment, when they attain 0, it is possible for the patient to ingest the concerned food again , without experimenting the connected adverse symptoms. This condition should stay stable after a complete treatment, tests are scheduled months later in order to check that the results stay stable  and carry out, if necessary, potential strengthening treatments.

Once the first complete program is finished, it is recommended to carry out a general check-up Test once a year to immediately intervene on potential new imbalances, with a preventive, less demanding approach, mostly from a financial point of view.



  • It is not recommended to start any personalized food abstention detected by the Test if not beginning the Biophysical treatment program, this is because eliminating the source of the problem, without re-educating the organism through a targeted rebalancing program, besides representing a sacrifice for the patient, can also cause additional unpredictable imbalances. While the abstention done during the program, is monitored with the purpose of neutralizing toxicity, restore correct cell communication and go back to eat the once intolerant foods and substances, without experimenting the negative effects.

If the person decides to do the Biophysical treatment program, it is necessary to start the personalized food abstention 4 days before the beginning of the program.

  • In between the treatment sessions, it is important to drink a lot of water, in order to help the body expel the toxins, but also support the effectiveness of the program. During the entire treatment, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water a day for an adult and proportionally less for a child.
  • Although these  treatments have  no side effects, we suggest, whenever any discomfort would occur, to immediately contact our Patient Support Office by  calling the Center or e-mailing us to servizitecnici@biomediccenter.com



Un programma di medicina integrata indirizzato a stimolare le naturali difese immunitarie. 

Ha sia funzione preventiva, che di aiuto per un recupero più veloce in fase acuta in caso di infezione.


Si tratta di un programma di medicina integrata volto a stimolare l'attività metabolica dell’organismo e il funzionamento degli organi preposti alla digestione e alla trasformazione del cibo stimolando anche la disintossicazione.

programma ringiovanimento

Un programma di medicina integrata volto alla stimolazione dell'organismo sotto il profilo metabolico, ormonale, ossidativo ed osseo.

Video Introduttivo alla Biorisonanza

Questo breve video, realizzato dal Biomedic Clinic&Research, descrive, nel modo più semplice possibile i fondamenti su cui si basano le teorie della Biorisonanza.