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Weakness, asthenia, constant exhaustion, lack of motivation and focus are the most common symptoms of chronic fatigue,

A person suffering from this condition, struggles to start and  finish things. Other symptoms of pathological chronic fatigue  are: fainting or loss of consciousness, accelerated heart beat and frequent dizziness.

The main causes can be: alteration of metabolism and  endocrine syndrome, anemia, hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid function), diabetes, (constant increase of glucose level in the  blood) , alteration of minerals (sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium), kidney disease, alteration of hepatic function.

Infectious diseases: these conditions make the body work harder leading to chronic fatigue as a concomitant  symptom.  Hepatitis, tuberculosis, flue, HIV disease and related infections represent the most frequent causes.

Cardiovascular and lung diseases: the pathological conditions of these two vital organs lead to a state of permanent exhaustion of the body. Part of these pathologies are heart failure, coronary diseases (damaged blood vessels surrounding the heart), heart valve disease (the 4 valves regulating blood flow in the heart don’t work properly) arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), respiratory pathologies, pneumonia and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD9).

Side effects of prescription drugs: permanent chronic fatigue can also be caused by the side effects of medication like  drugs for  hypertension, anxiolytics, antihistaminics, steroids  and anti-depressants.

Psychological altered conditions:  syndromes like  depression, anxiety, but also drug abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders or the death of a loved one can  surcharge the body, causing permanent fatigue.

Irregular sleep-awake rhythm: when we don’t rest enough, our body can’t recover properly and consequently the accumulated lack of sleep leads to physical exhaustion. This section includes. Insomnia (difficulty in falling and staying asleep), night shift jobs, prescription drugs for sleep.


Chronic fatigue has to be differentiated from asthenia, this condition can be caused by dehydration, incorrect food habits, imbalanced diet programs or anti-depressant, anxiolytics and  sleeping pills abuse.

In addition to that, asthenia is also a predominant symptom of cancer, autoimmune disease and can be a side effect of the pharmacological treatments administered for these conditions  (chemotherapy, radio-therapy or autoimmune syndromes).