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Calculate your Target Weight


The following questionnaire is intended to help understand what the maximum acceptable weight of a person should be, based on their own feature.

The result is  indicative and  the goal is not reaching the perfect physique, but rather the acceptable maximum weight beyond which, a diet program should be undertaken.

The result of this questionnaire is based on many years of practicing dietary programs with patients.

This questionnaire is addressed to patients that are more than 14 years old. In case of patients aging less  than 14 years old, our center can evaluate the excessive weight directly during the visit and establish a tailor-made  program specifically addressed to children and teen-agers.


NOTE: The evaluation of the target weight, analyses  different parameters and it is pretty exact. It can’t be absolutely precise and could be incorrect in case of very specific situations.

The program works in two different ways depending on how much weight the person has to loose. When there are many  kilograms to loose, the program elaborates an acceptable weight; when there is less weight to loose, the program elaborates the ideal weight in order to have a slim figure.

In order to evaluate if the structure of the person is thin, normal or large, we give an example in the following image:

Calcola il tuo peso forma


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